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Finding the Best Dentist in Austin, TX


With so many dentists in the Austin, TX, area, how does one choose the right one for themselves or their family?

After all, dental clinics tend to come and go with some frequency. There are always people who need dental work, but it’s easy for too many offices to open up in an area. This high rate of turnover means it’s difficult for would-be patients to find a dentist they can trust, who will do the work well and remain in business for years to come.

Here at Modern Family Dentistry in Austin, we believe we have the right combination of skills and services to become your family dentist. It’s just a matter of looking at the qualifications…

Key Areas to Consider When Selecting an Austin, TX, Dentist

  1. Longevity

It’s a little unfortunate to say, but if you’re going to a dentist who has only been in business for a year or two, you’re taking something of a risk. A dental clinic needs years of experience to demonstrate that it can stay in business, providing great service for every patient.

We’ve been practicing in the Austin area for over fifteen years. We’re not going anywhere.

  1. A Full Selection of Services

Dentistry is a fast-changing field, especially cosmetic dentistry.  A good dentist must keep up with the latest techniques and technology, and be able to incorporate them into their own practice. Otherwise, they’ll fall behind and be unable to offer the best services to patients.

At Modern Family Dentistry, we offer the most current options in dental work, including high-tech veneers and laminates, Invisalign braces alternatives, and implant-based bridges\dentures.

  1. Skilled Staff

How long have the primary doctors of dentistry been practicing? Again, if they’re straight out of school, it’s a bit of a gamble – even if their prices are low to compensate. Likewise, look at their support staff. Are they hiring Dental Assistants and Hygienists with a real track record of success?

  1. Testimonials and Accolades 

The more positive patient reviews a dental clinic has, the better. Having a long list of patients giving five-star reviews, and recommendations to their friends, demonstrates they really know how to keep patients happy.

If the dental practice has industry awards as well, that’s even better. Our primary dentists at Modern Family Dentistry – Dr. Maggie and Dr. Benjamin Sharfae – have been covered by Dentist Inc., and voted among the top dentists in Austin!

Modern Family Dentistry

So whether you just need a routine cleaning, or extensive cosmetic dental work, give us a call at Modern Family Dentistry.  Our excellent staff and long record of success guarantee you’ll be happy with the results!  Click here to contact us.

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