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Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin, TX, that Improves Your Smile

Today, those with tooth problems that prevent them from showing a healthy smile have more options in cosmetic dentistry than ever before!

In the past, there were relatively few ways to correct major problems in someone’s smile such as cracks, gaps, holes, yellowing, or missing teeth. Most relied on removable bridges and dentures, which had significant drawbacks. However, modern cosmetic dentistry in Austin, TX, now offers plenty of ways to fix a smile – permanently.

Depending on your needs, the experts at Modern Family Dentistry can restore your smile in several different ways.

New Options in Austin, TX, Cosmetic Dentistry for Everyone

Teeth Whitening

Forget about those harsh chemical-based whitening toothpastes. Overuse of them can seriously degrade the enamel on a person’s teeth, leading to even bigger dental problems later.

Instead, professional teeth whitening procedures are safe, effective, and quick! For a low cost and a pain-free short visit, you can walk out with teeth which are noticeably whiter and more dazzling. Even better, professional teeth whitening services don’t damage your teeth in the process.

Veneers and Laminates 

For those with significant structural problems with their teeth such as cracks or gaps, but who aren’t missing teeth, veneers and laminates are a great solution. These are thin overlays of porcelain or resin which are permanently bonded to the exterior your teeth with adhesive. In effect, they create a “mask” over your teeth, creating the appearance of brand new healthy teeth.

They also add additional strength to your teeth, while requiring very little alteration to the underlying tooth structure.


Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about the front teeth. If a person is beginning to develop significant cavities in their molars, it can still cause significant loss of self-confidence when opening their mouths. It can also lead to more severe dental problems later on.

Sealants coat the back teeth with a thin layer of white resin, simultaneously restoring a natural look while also slowing or halting the growth of cavities.


For people who are missing one or more teeth, there are still alternatives to hard-to-clean bridges or dentures. Implants firmly bond a false tooth directly to your jaw, creating a replacement tooth which is indistinguishable from natural teeth. Implants last for years, and require no special cleaning aside from brushing\flossing.

Implants can also be colored to match existing teeth, or paired with tooth-whitening procedures to completely overhaul your smile.

Modern Family Dentistry Offers the Best Austin, TX, Cosmetic Dentistry

Our resident doctors of dental surgery have over fifteen years’ experience restoring smiles to people across the Austin area! For the best and most friendly dental work available, contact us today.

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